Raven Nest Observation Portal

What’s the deal with ravens?


  • Features of Raven Nests
  • Where Ravens Nest
  • Behavior (and misbehavior)
  • Timing (there is a season)
  • Predation and Depredation

Share your observations

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Thanks for contributing your data about raven nest locations! Your help is invaluable to land managers in our efforts to effectively manage rapidly expanding raven populations with the goal of protecting native species such as the desert tortoise and the burrowing owl.

For questions or comments, please contact Tim Shields at t.shields@hardshelllabs.com.

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Raven Ecology

  • Just the Facts
  • In and Out of Balance

Raven Management

  • The Ultimate Opportunist
  • The Victims
  • The Options
  • The Tools
  • The Challenges

Raven Nest Mapping

  • Why?
  • How?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • The Power of Mapping