Observer: Rob McLennan
04/18/2022 2:00 pm
Nest Substrate: Cliff face/rock formation
Material Present:
On Ground: sticks
On Ground: lining material
On Ground: whitewash
On Ground: mammal parts/fur
Elevated: fragmentary sticks
Elevated: fully intact nest structure
Elevate: whitewash

Adults: 2
Nestlings: 0
Fledglings: 0
Adults near nest
Adults carrying nest material: stick

Nest Height: 10
Subsidy Types: Various paper litter
Observation factors: Could clearly see nest
Other observations: Mojave Desert environment. Nest is located in a recess on the face of a sandstone bluff approximately 100 ft. in height. Nest is approximately 30 ft. above ground level. This was an active nest for at least the last 3 years. There is a considerable raven population here in Scenic. In the Scenic area there are many open trash dumpsters that attract ravens. It appears the young have all fledged this year from the described nesting site. Last year I located a fledgling at the bottom of the cliff. About a month ago I observed the parent birds driving off raptors from the nesting site. Kestrels and red tail hawks. The GPS coordinates are: 36°47.718N 114°0.423W I attempted to input these coordinates in the requested section below but the format wasn't accepted.