Observation: – 1AWYMI1M – 20221118


11/18/2022 12:00 am

Utility structures: wood pole

near pistachio orchards and rural community; at terminal power pole on corner of Sandy Street and Solo Road in Inyokern, CA 93527; commercial (semi) truck parking/rest area due south of nest; disturbed creosote bush scrub at eastern foothill of Sierra Nevada mountains;

Observation: – X7OZLIFL – 20220419

Rob McLennan

04/18/2022 6:30 pm

Land fill

Not related to nest sightings... The city of Mesquite landfill attracts literally hundreds of ravens. This landfill is approximately 5 miles from the Scenic, AZ. area. In the badlands area west of Mesquite I have seen a number of tortoises in the past.

Observation: – 1VAKVRGD – 20220418

Rob McLennan

04/18/2022 2:00 pm

Cliff face/rock formation

Mojave Desert environment. Nest is located in a recess on the face of a sandstone bluff approximately 100 ft. in height. Nest is approximately 30 ft. above ground level. This was an active nest for at least the last 3 years. There is a considerable raven population here in Scenic. In the Scenic area there are many open trash dumpsters that attract ravens. It appears the young have all fledged this year from the described nesting site. Last year I located a fledgling at the bottom of the cliff. About a month ago I observed the parent birds driving off raptors from the nesting site. Kestrels and red tail hawks. The GPS coordinates are: 36°47.718N 114°0.423W I attempted to input these coordinates in the requested section below but the format wasn't accepted.

Observation: – 15BSP9WT – 20220316

Tim Shields

03/12/2022 3:00 pm

tree: cottonwood

Largest cottonwood near Desert Wildlife National Refuge visitor center. Tree in middle of Coyote Loop trail. Thick leaf litter beneath nest may have concealed some nest related material, e.g. sticks or prey remains. Pair flew off together to northwest of nest at high speed, using harsh territorial calls, returning 2 min later

Observation: – YKISXLJM – 20220316

John Mark Simmons

03/15/2022 3:30 pm

tree: Joshua tree

This may be an old inactive nest, difficult to tell. No adults seen in the immediate vicinity. Will check next time I'm around. Coordinates from google maps, they did not accurately represent the nest location which is off of Mud Hills Rd on Tule Springs. Moved point manually to correct. Will take a better point next time.

Observation: – A13BPF6V – 20220314

John Mark Simmons

03/14/2022 11:47 am

utility structures: cell phone tower

American tower corp site. Adult seen sitting on cell panel. Can’t tell if sitting on nest.

Observation: – 1HCLFVB5 – 20220313

Sarah Mortimer

03/13/2022 12:06 pm

utility structures: electric transmission/distribution

Utility tower: 21w1, dirt road south of Nelson rd

Observation: – BNICPY0U – 20220313

Sarah Mortimer

03/13/2022 12:00 am

No nest just perched raven

1 adult raven perched on utility structure: 16e4 south side of Nelson Rd

Observation: – 1QE2QMY2 – 20220312

tree: cottonwood

Thick leaf litter, difficult to see remnants in ground.

Observation: – 1CWBIFKH – 20220312

Demo Paiute Billboard

03/12/2022 12:20 am

tranportation structures: billbord

3 nests. Closest to road is active. Two adults.

Observation: – 1BR7S4YH – 20220312

John Mark Simmons

03/12/2022 10:22 am

utility structures: cell phone tower

Cell tower directly next to subdivision and adjacent to Tule Springs property.

Observation: – 1TSDMJRJ – 20220308

James Alborough

03/07/2022 12:00 am

tree: other

This raven got out his best sunday attire and was notably brighter in plumage than the other ravens. Quite striking!